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Respecting the environment

The IMERCREA’s production process is a transformation process through which the natural stones change their condition into natural products, staying as natural as raw material; actually, with different shapes, they are back to their original condition.


Respecting the environment, IMERCREA® stones contain a very high percentage of natural SAND, got from crushed debris from Italian quarries. Contains no epoxy resins or hazardous chemicals.


Thanks to its production system, its technology and creativity-oriented innovation capacity, IMERCREA® guarantees a flawless supply chain.


With IMERCREA®, the new “bio” IMER® products line, the natural stone is transformed into stone …anew!

IMERCREA® lines’ unique and innovative production method of patented Bio products allows it to obtain excellent results both functional and aesthetic.


The experience, the availability towards customers, the careful selection of suppliers are the key words for our success.


The constant acquisition of new prestigious clients, both national and international, a profitable mutual collaboration with celebrated designers confirm IMERCREA’s ability to propose high-level solutions with original design and personal service.


The high production capacity allows us to satisfy any kind of order and request in a very short time. IMERCREA® guarantees fast international shipping thanks to the cooperation with reliable partners.