Zona industriale 73024 Maglie (Le) - Italy

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Za' abeel Palace Dubai
Fornitura rivestimento BioLicciso RL57 - supply of beige BioLicciso RL57 italian cladding.
Sede centrale del Ministero dell'Interno, Abu Dhabi, Emirati Arabi Uniti.
fornitura di 48.000 mq ca di rivestimento BioCarparo RC56 e BioRoccia RS82
The Ministry of Interiors General Administration Building, Abu Dhabi in United Arab Emirates
supply of 48.000 sqm of Yellow BioCoral RC56 and White BioRoccia RS82 cladding.
Ospedale di urologia in Kuwait - Urology Hospital in Kuwait
Fornitura di 3.500 mq di rivestimento BioCarparo RC56
supply of 3.500 sqm of Yellow BioCoral RC56 Italian Cladding
25 Stazioni di Polizia in Abu Dhabi / 25 Police Stations in Abu Dhabi
fornitura di 174.000 mq di rivestimento BioCarparo RC56 e BioRoccia RS82.
supply of 174.000 sqm of Yellow BioCoral RC56 and White BioRoccia RS82 cladding
Residential Palace Abu Dhabi
Supply of 18.000 sqm of Yellow BioCoral RC56 and Beige BioLicciso RL57 cladding
Fornitura di 18.000 mq di rivestimento BioCarparo RC56 e BioLicciso RL57

4 valori inderogabilisu cui Imercrea basa la forza della sua identità

The strenght of the identityis based on four imperative issues:

Characteristic feature

Keeping unaltered both the aesthetic and functional characteristics of the natural stone, IMERCREA preserves their naturalness and bio compatibility and enhances them by creating "bio" products.


Whit the exclusive use of natural raw materials, IMERCREA can guarantee the geological and geographic origin of its "bio" products.


Each phase of the production process is strictly controlled and devised to keep unalteraded the characteristics of selected raw materials; the result is a "bio" product preserving the original naturalness of the stones.

Better than nature

IMERCREA, inspired by nature, is a line of stone products with increased performance, thansk to: low water absorption, homogeneous structure, colour and consistency, improved and definable mechanical properties.

Imercrea ...stone anew

In modern factory in Maglie (Le), an area of 30.000 square meters is concentrated supply chain systems with cutting edge technology and highly skilled manpower.

Enhancing the natural stones

With the aim of enhancing the natural stones, IMER created these exclusive stone products which keep unaltered their naturalness.

Bioproducts patented

The production method of IMERCREA, thanks to its unique and innovative line of Bioproducts Patented allows to obtain excellent results both aesthetic and functional.


Continuous collaboration with architects and designers of international fame, has contributed to the creation of lines of the original coating and unique.