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The headquarter

A 50.000 square meters area, located in the South of Italy, is a supplied chain system equipped with cutting-edge technologies and highly skilled manpower.


IMERCREA® is an “Eco friendly project” for future construction trade. This is the result of more than 30 years of experience in the production of internal and external claddings. The name “IMERCREA® stone…anew” derives from the concept of green construction. A mix of environmental values and raw materials, like stated by IMERCREA’s mission statement:


    • To respect the origins of natural stones and their features
    • Ongoing dedication to research and innovation, on which IMERCREA’s exclusive mixture (by using low environmental impact materials) is based.


IMERCREA®, inspired by nature, is a line of stone products having high levels of performance and it is IMER’s ecofriendly project for the industry construction’s future.


IMERCREA® is the result of the manufacturing specialization in the production of internal and external claddings

40 years of innovation

40 Years of Experience and Know-how in the production and processing of building products let Imer Srl be a company strongly oriented to the product’s and service’s excellence, with a view to profitable relations with the national and international market. The obsessive attention to product excellence, the impulse for innovation have been the foundations and the keys that have transformed the dream of a very young entrepreneur into reality.


Today Imer Italy  has  50 employees and 6 production plants.


We are represented by the best building material retailers throughout Italy and we are present in 10 Countries in the world, operating with government entities in the Gulf Area and North Africa, as well as in the private sector, signing partnership with some of the world’s leading manufacturers of Oil and Gas.